We have all come across the terms conscious and subconscious mind at some point in our lives. Our subconscious brain has something called the homeostatic impulse, which regulates our physical functions like body temperature, blood pressure, etc. Brian Tracy explains: the autonomic nervous system, [our homeostatic impulse] maintains a balance among the hundreds of chemicals in billions of cells so that our entire physical machine functions in complete harmony most of the time

However, what most of us don’t realize is that the subconscious mind not only controls the physical machine, it also controls our mental self.

The way we perceive things depends on what is stored in our subconscious mind. We think we create thoughts and make decisions from our conscious…

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of what you’re sensing, thinking, and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Being mindful takes effort and brain training if you have not grown up being mindful about mindfulness. It is a conscious focusing of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

It is said that the future belongs to entrepreneurs and even if your child does not become an independent entrepreneur, companies will be looking to hire individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. Resilience is an important trait any entrepreneur should have; they should be able to deal with uncertainty and bounce…

Life is a series of ups and downs. There will always be victories and failures. As parents, we should prepare our children for both. How to enjoy success and how to learn from failures and move on. However, way too often parents protect their children and do not let them…

Power of the story

What are Stories:

Man is addicted to stories. Whether we are reading a narrative, watching a story play out on screen, or we are being read to, stories are a powerful medium to get our brain’s attention. We all have our unique favourite mediums through which…

A growing body of evidence shows that human beings have evolved to be compassionate and collaborate in our quest to survive and thrive which is contrary to popular belief that humans are hard-wired to be selfish and to compete as though everything was about survival of the fittest.

Science tells…

Lina Ashar

Founder of Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High, Lina Ashar started her career as a teacher and today is one of the most renowned educators and edupreneur in India.

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