Top Picks- Here’s what you need to know about Responsibility

I am Lina Ashar and I want to jointly explore the power of parenting with you. Join me on my journey to educate our children in unlocking their extraordinary human potential.

Saying “No” To Spoiling: How Parents Are Raising Kids To Be Responsible Adults: [Forbes] It’s natural for parents to want to show their love for their kids with material possessions, but some experts suggest that when you constantly give in to their demands you could end up spoiling your children.

Let’s Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, Not Kid Entrepreneurs: [Forbes] As most entrepreneurs will know, starting a business is a pretty big deal. It involves all sorts of decisions that can’t be taken lightly, and it requires an understanding of all the moving parts. Hiring, firing, managing suppliers and maintaining an online presence are for grown-ups. There is a huge difference between raising a child with entrepreneurial qualities and raising a child entrepreneur. The former is the goal.

How To Raise Your Kids So That They Become Self-Sufficient Adults: [Huffpost] By age three, children are typically developing awareness of other people’s feelings, so it’s the perfect time to introduce children to the joys of helping others. You can cultivate their budding empathy with age-appropriate picture books that explore generosity and the power of giving.

Raising Responsible Children: [Softsens Baby] Inculcating a sense of responsibility in your kids right from an early age fosters independence and accountability, and helps your children grow into mature, capable adults. In this interview, we’re talking to mom-of-three, Zarine Bharda, about how to raise children to be responsible, along with helpful tips and advice that you can implement in your daily lives.

9 tips for teaching kids responsibility: [] Raising helpful, good kids who know how to make a sandwich is not a fantasy! We asked our experts for easy ways to incorporate responsibility into your child’s life.

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