What is your Burning Why or Purpose or Ikigai?

Lina Ashar
3 min readMar 4, 2022


Two bricklayers are working alongside one another at a building site. A man walks by and asks one of them what they’re doing.

The first bricklayer replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care. All I do is slap this crummy mortar on these crummy bricks and pile them up in a crummy line.”

The other bricklayer smiles, proudly proclaiming, “I’m helping to build the new cathedral.”

We’ve all met people who focus on the “what” they’re doing instead of the “why” they’re doing it. It’s difficult to feel passionate about something when we’re missing the meaning behind what we’re doing and why we’re here.

So how does one define their purpose or calling or Ikigai?

How a person defines purpose has as much to do with his or her mindset as it does with personal, philosophical, cultural, religious and scientific beliefs.

What is the Purpose of Knowing Your Ikigai?

Defining purpose in work, life and business are not about the daily tasks that one does, it’s larger than that, it’s about the reason for the tasks in the first place — the why, not the what. Discovering purpose allows a person to create the vision behind the tasks, and knowing that vision can dramatically change results. A person who knows his/her purpose in life is self-motivated and strives to work harder and better each day. they are excited to wake up and go about doing an otherwise mundane activity with a lot more vigour.

For example, a chef’s purpose is not to cook food — that’s a task. The reason for this task is to help people enjoy life by having a good time with loved ones around a meal they didn’t have to prepare (or clean up) themselves.

People who are fulfilled at work know how the work they do supports the company’s vision, values and goals whether it’s their own company or someone else’s.

Knowing your Ikigai helps because?

· It gives meaning to everything you do.

· It guides you through tough times and difficult decisions.

· Encourages you to follow your instinct instead of following the crowd.

· Motivates you on your journey even (or especially) when you encounter failure or rejection.

How Does defining purpose help children?

Children are wanderers and they like to explore everything that comes their way. let them explore and let them decide for themselves what they enjoy doing the most. just be there as facilitators to look in the right direction. When children find their calling, they are motivated to do more and work towards excelling in it. They are excited and look forward to each day with enthusiasm. Children who have found their purpose tend to have great social and emotional skills too. They are happier and perform well in class too.

How can we help Children Fulfill their Purpose AND Make a Living?

We’ve been talking about finding purpose in the work that you’re already doing. However, if you want to help children envision a career, based on their life purpose, try the following approach.

1. Assist them in identifying their strengths.

Life purpose is directly related to personal strengths. E.g., if communication is your strength then your purpose may be found in that area.

2. Guide them to identify their passions.

Passions are the things you love to do — with or without external rewards (like money or recognition).

3. Look at the causes that matter to them.

Identify the causes that matter to them. Is there a condition in the world that makes them feel discontent or compels them to take some action and find solutions around them?

4. Find their sweet spot.

After helping them identify their strengths, passions and causes find the overlap between them. That’s the sweet spot, where they’re likely to find the most fulfillment in life.

5. What’s their mission?

Based on the information above, help them write a personal mission statement — this will direct them to work around their passion.

Just remember one thing It’s not (necessarily) about the money.

Instead of focusing on a money goal, try setting goals that “add value” — a goal that improves the quality of people’s lives or helps us maintain the ecological balance on earth.

Here is to more purposeful and mindful living.

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Lina Ashar

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